Fintuple for Asset Managers

Integrated data solutions for Asset Managers

We enable asset managers with a seamless user experience around fund research, performance measurement, reporting, and portfolio analysis across various alternate funds to drive productivity and performance

Benchmark Against Peers

Compare and contrast against peer / competitiors funds. Place your business within the context of the broader market with performance benchmarks

Source New Investments

Get insights on interested fund investors. Engage with them directly for presenting a better value proposition and better lead conversion

Supplement Your Research

Be up-to-date on the broader fund market. Stay updated with market activity such as fund launches, deals, closing of fund, exits and unique insights

Identify New Channels

Search and identify new distributors who can sell your funds. Research them thoroughly before you sign up to distribute through them

Access Fintuple iQ

Onboard your fund and your team on our standardised fund platform. Get a better representation of your fund data and fund managers’ profiles that you can share with your prospective investors and distributors in a seamless, experiential manner

Fund Performance & Analytics
Fund Insights, News, Views, & Blogs
Fund Manager Views, Research, & Podcasts
Unique Digital Branding & Lead Generation