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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about our company, our background, the network, and product features

What is Fintuple?

Fintuple is an alternate fund research platform that brings the fund management industry in India under one umbrella. The platform allows members to access in-demand managers at low investment minimums. More importantly, the research offerings on the platform help with due-diligence and making investment decisions for the members.

What does the name "Fintuple" mean?

Google defines ‘tuple’ as follows:

tuple (/ˈtjuːp(ə)l/) – noun
noun: tuple; plural noun: tuples
  1. a data structure consisting of multiple parts.
    • (in a relational database) an ordered set of data constituting a record.
-tuple (/ˈtjʊp(ə)l/)
combining form
  1. forming nouns and adjectives with a preceding algebraic symbol with the sense ‘(an entity or set) consisting of as many parts or elements as indicated by the symbol, such as n-tuple.

‘Fin’ + ‘tuple’ is intended to sort out the “data” issues in fund management by standardising or getting the data in order. Or viewed from another angle; we intend to help investors “n-tuple” their investments through intelligent investment decisions.

What is Fintuple's origin story?

Fintuple was born out of a pain point personally experienced by the founders.

Naveen, our co-founder & CEO, a fund manager by background had a personal pain point around improving the user experience for investors around their access to their portfolio. As he spoke to multiple asset managers and investors, most of them communicated a uniform challenge they faced around non-transparency in the industry. Siloed nature of the information being accessed ensured inconsistencies around data.

Kaushik, Fintuple’s co-founder & COO and formerly Head of Digital & Products for large Tech Consulting firms in the US, was looking for data on funds to invest his personal money when he took a decision to return to India. He dealt with multiple banks and wealth management products each showing a separate product and varying performance data. There was a lack of emphasis on the fund manager and the people behind the fund. In the US, the data on the asset management industry was available to investors who were willing to pay for it, but the Indian market seemed to lack consistency in the access to products and information, which opened us up to a challenging and interesting product solution design.

It was a moment of fate that their common passion aligned with a longer-term vision of building a company focussed on enabling and creating the infrastructure layer of asset management in the country.

Fintuple was thus born with a goal of taking the Indian fund management industry globally.

Who is the management team behind Fintuple?

Fintuple is a technology company at heart. Our vision of enabling and scaling the Indian asset management industry is driven by a team of passionate product architects, analysts, and engineers.

Fintuple has two co-founders whose job is to assist, help, and work with the team to execute the company’s vision.

Kaushik, the COO, is the cool face behind the organization – casual and calm, he is obsessive about details and focused on the product development vision, engineering, and architecture. When it is not the company he is obsessing about, it is his kids.

Naveen, the CEO, is the serious face of the organization. His life revolves around a core maxim – “There is no short cut to success”. He is keen on making Chennai a financial hub and taking the Indian fund management industry global.

Read more information about our founders and the team behind Fintuple here.

What are Fintuple's solutions / products?

Fintuple has a suite of products to help understand fund data, get insights, and help make the best alternate fund investment decisions.

Fintuple iQ is our alternate fund database. You can look up detailed fund information pertaining to India-based alternate funds such as PMS & AIFs.

Fintuple fi (launching July 2019) is our fund insights product. You can access reports such as factsheets and newsletters for all the funds in our iQ database.

Fintuple fv (launching Sep 2019) is our fund analysis product

You can find out more details about our products here.

Who is Fintuple intended for?

Asset Managers

 Fintuple provides asset managers with the tools needed to take a strategic approach to compete for and retain assets – equities, fixed income and real estate alike. Fintuple enables a digital backbone for AMCs to bring their products and solutions into the digital era.

Wealth Managers

Fintuple continues to partner with wealth managers to improve our analytics tools. Wealth managers use our platform to research and monitor managers on behalf of their clients, for better decision making and a more analytical portfolio construction process backed by Fintuple’s research.

Our research and technology solutions can provide value throughout the investment process – from sourcing, due diligence and education to subscriptions, administration, and reporting – we will tailor a solution that leverages our capabilities to meet the unique needs of your firm.


Relationship Managers at banks use Fintuple to access deep insights on asset managers and institutional investing trends, anticipate in-demand asset classes and to fill research gaps to better serve their clients in wealth creation, and for a more savvy and seamless reporting.

Financial Advisors

Advisors with significant institutional business or who serve high-net-worth clients who need access to a separate account or alternative funds can now leverage the same insight as institutional investors.

Institutional Investors & Family Offices

Pension plans, endowments, funds of funds, sovereign wealth funds, allocators, and family offices use Fintuple for the analytics and intelligence needed to make informed decisions.

Who is part of the Fintuple network?

The ‘Fintuple Network’ is a group of registered investment advisors, wealth managers, banks, family offices, FIIs, asset managers, and other financial advisory organizations that are expressly interested in private investments on behalf of their clients. We also have direct investors of the alternate investments registered with us to monitor their investments and portfolios.

What benefits will I get as a member of the Fintuple Network?

By joining the Fintuple Network, you get:

  • Access to private investments, such as PMS and AIFs, that may not be available to many investors due to distribution constraints.
  • Due diligence reports and fund manager presentations to support your own investment research efforts.
  • Interactive search and benchmarking tools that allow you to compare funds, managers, historical performance and other key metrics.
  • Invitations to exclusive informational events with fund managers and industry leaders.

Fintuple is an online fund portal that enables and simplifies the research around completion and execution of subscription documents, capitals calls, financial statements, and tax reporting.

What are some of the key features of Fintuple?

A user of the platform has access to the following across the Fintuple products:

  • Fund data which includes the history, background, value proposition of the fund, alongside analytics around the performance, and portfolio construction
  • Benchmarking of funds to similar risk-profile funds and comparable products
  • Fintuple’s research reports covering the fund and ongoing analysis of the fund vis-a-vis the industry
  • Customized portfolio of funds from Fintuple suited to the risk of the investor

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