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Comprehensive access to standardised fund data and unbiased financial insights

What is Fintuple iQ?

An intuitive and intelligent Data & Insights platform for India-based Alternate Funds

What's on Fintuple iQ?

Key Features

Alternate Strategies

Take a peek into alternate strategies from the top, upcoming, and best performing fund managers in India. Dig deeper to understand their objectives, investment philosophies, and other key metrics.
Alternate Strategies currently on iQ:
• Portfolio Management Services (PMS)
• Alternative Investment Funds (AIF)

Key Features

Financial Professionals

Our network of financial professionals enables you to get a better understanding of the people behind the scenes. Look at their profiles to understand their background, investment styles, market focus, and their expertise.
Financial Professionals on iQ:
• Portfolio Managers
• Financial Advisors (IFAs)
• Investment Advisors (RIAs)

Key Features

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions come in different sizes. The large ones, serve thousands of investors across the spectrum. The new and boutique institutions, offer tailor-made solutions, serve fewer, but niche investors. Then there’s a whole range of institutions in between. Search and sort institutions that serve your immediate and long-term needs.
Financial Institutions currently on iQ:
• Asset Management Companies (AMCs)
• Advisory Firms (IFAs & RIAs)

Cover All Your Bases


Comprehensive Data on PMS Strategies, directly from the AMCs; enhanced with rich analytics and the ability to Compare & Benchmark Funds.


Search and Sort from a range of AMCs, from large to boutique, ones with multiple strategies to ones with just one, and everything in between. ​


Tap the untapped but high-performing Alternate Strategies, and stay one step ahead of the competition and the market.


Financial Professionals – Fund Managers and Financial / Investment Advisors – who align with your goals, investment style, and approach.


Key metrics, intelligent analytics, tools, historical returns, portfolio performance along with risks, and impact of industry’s events.


Informed, data and analytics driven decision making, throughout the entire investment lifecycle; be it for yourself or for your clients.

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